Great Book

I am reading a great book The Energy of Money: A Spiritual Guide to Financial and Personal Fulfillment

by Maria Nemeth

Here is an excerpt:
“Life is hard when you don’t do what you truly value because you are putting all your energy into trying to get rid of your fears rather than into materializing your dreams.”

It helps you see many things about your relationship with money and to move forward with a new relationship rather than just going for the solution of “making more.” If anyone wants to join me in a group to read this book and do the exercises, I would love that. She has worked with all kinds of people from those living on welfare to the very wealthy.

It was recommended to me by a great artist’s coach – Bonnie Glendinning

I haven’t worked with Bonnie as a coach, but, she has been fantastic in all my interactions with her.




You are a star.

Wherever you are.

Here and far.




Thank You for all the beautiful gifts.

Final painting:

An enormous thank you…

Today I am sending a big thank you out to everyone who links to me.

This site recently moved up to a number three rank on Google,

and a big reason for that is because people link to me.

I appreciate you all very much!

Raining Light by Christine Marsh 2012
Raining Light by Christine Marsh 2012

May light, love, prosperity, good health, and beauty rain down upon you today and always…



Christine Marsh


I don’t know what this is. Perhaps part spirit, part, dragonfly, and part magic.

What I do know is that I created it with a lot of joy while sitting by the Genesee River on a hot summer day after a small flying being zoomed into my sight for a moment.

May you fly to all the places you dream today.

May your spirit be uplifted to new heights of love, magnificence, evolution, and beauty unlike anything you ever previously imagined.

Flying by Christine Marsh June15 2012
Flying wonderment to you…


Treasured Tree

Trees are good.
Treasured tree – Original painting 8″ x 10″ Acrylic on canvas board . © Christine Marsh 2012


($273.10 with tax and shipping)





Plastic bag of…

Walking through Seneca Park on a warmly lit evening, I find a nicely illuminated…

plastic bag full of dog poop. :-|

I have adopted forests wherever I lived, and cleaned up the litter there.

Litter is an annoyance.

It is hard for me to send love to those who do not respect the earth

by throwing their garbage upon her.

I eventually send the love, but only after a bit of fuming.

In the end, if we send our strong dislike to the things we

don’t like, it does not help the situation or person much.


I often find these plastic dog poop bags thrown to the forest floor or hanging from branches.

I would rather wipe some poop from my shoe than continue to find

plastic bags full of dog poop.


What do you think?

Sketch adventures

I read a lot, including art books.
I read all types even ones that are ‘for beginners’, because
I often find gleaming bits of information there.

One book that was fun was: Drawing: Problems and Solutions with Trudy Friend

I went and sketched after being inspired by this book.

A hawk came while I was drawing the trees. She landed on a branch,

and was eating her catch.

My elephant friends at Seneca Park Zoo.




I made this one up.

I added my blog to blog log.

Arts Blogs
Arts directory


Being an artist:

Being an artist is about collecting.
Collecting the way the sun and shadows
define a bird on a sunny winter morning.

Bird by Christine Marsh
Collecting visuals, emotions, experiences.
Storing them in a beautiful chest

You are treasured by Christine Marsh
that extends across the horizons of your mind, body, and soul.
In this chest are shining mists of love, beauty, and purity.
Everything mixes together,
and then is pulled out and sprinkled on canvas.

It is about having your soul ripped open and steam rollered again and again,
relentlessly pushing you into a new place of being.

DeathRebirth by Christine Marsh 2011
DeathRebirth by Christine Marsh

Always becoming more and more sensitive
to the way the wind stirs the leaves into song,
the way the water rolls down skin,
the way they looked at you…

Look by Christine Marsh
Look by Christine Marsh


It is endings of relationships because of unanswered questions.

It is the wondrous beginnings of new relationships
with people so marvelous they take your breath away.

It is feeling like the most wretched of sea hags…

Sea Hag by Christine Marsh
Sea Hag by Christine Marsh

and the purest of love filled beings…

Love by Christine Marsh

It is excruciating loneliness and the deepest of connections.
It is debilitating sickness and sublimely good health.

Haudenosaunee Deer Clan by Christine Marsh

It is dependence on others.
It is complete freedom.

Adventurous by Christine Marsh
Freedom © Christine Marsh


It is challenges with money.
Feeling embarrassed. Working hard to restore financial integrity.
It is all the hard work paying off, and money balance restored.

Peaceful dollars by Christine Marsh
Peaceful dollars by Christine Marsh

Changing. Growing.
Giving up for awhile and growing again.


Collecting by Christine Marsh

Peaceful Pond

Yesterday was a busy day.

Among my many adventures, I created this

little sketch on my iPad while sitting by one of my favorite trees.

I have to have my glove off to use my iPad.

My time is limited. I get as far as I can before my fingers freeze.


Peaceful Pond by Christine Marsh
Peaceful Pond by Christine Marsh


This world is very beautiful along with its challenges.

Today I visualize you will be thoroughly nourished by the beauty,

so you have the strength to address the challenges that your soul calls you to

in your superhero way.