Artist Statement

Christine Marsh in the jungle

A lot of my art spills out of me. There is not an option. I must create it. If I don’t, my soul pokes at me continuously until it gets created.

I first realized I was supposed to be an artist when I was about seven years old when my art teacher said to me “WOW! That is a great tree! No one else made a tree that good!”

Sometimes I do not want to create a particular thing for a multitude of reasons. Perhaps I want to sleep that day, watch a movie, clean the house. Due to the fact that I have things on a calendar, I simply must do it by the date that I have set for it, so, sometimes the birth of a creation is very difficult. It actually hurts physically, mentally, and spiritually.

A friend of mine once said, “If you had a difficult time (with anything in life)…that is wonderful!” This is because it meant you had cleared a lot of useless rubbish from your being. So, I know that the difficult process that happens during some of these creations is actually quite good for me and the world that will look at them. This is not to say that the creations that are done in pure happiness and joy are any less amazing or healing. The creations that are difficult to birth have simply healed me more.

I really love all processes – the difficult births and the easy ones. I love how I can take images coming to me from my connection to my inner self, my soul, and Creator; and then take a piece of white paper, canvas, clay or…? to make something beautiful, healing, uplifting, nourishing and on and on. It is truly magic. It is performing magic on this earth where a lot of people have challenges in believing in magic anymore. Through this, I experience authentic magic and miracles every time it happens, and thus am able to pass it on to you as your eyes and soul view it. I eternally and powerfully appreciate that I have been given this incredibly special gift.

I want people to look at my creations and go away feeling better about themselves, the people around them, and the world. I want them to feel encouraged, evolved, and empowered – like they can do something. I want them to know that they are absolutely wonderful exactly as they are.

Artists who have influenced me are so numerous. This could be a long list. I will force myself to pick a few…

Leonardo Da Vinci because he was who he was. He was interested in so MANY things, not just creating art.

Michelangelo because he was a great all-around artist, business man, and incredibly skilled at anatomy. All of which I aspire to.

I love Monet because I can look at his paintings and feel so peaceful.

I love the sculptures of Ron Mueck because they are so full of life, especially if you have the opportunity to stand by one in person.

Alex Grey because I look at his paintings and feel the healing oozing out of them and into me. I feel his connection to his beautiful soul when I look at his paintings.

Francisco Montes Shuña, a visionary painter who I learned from in Peru, because his work is beautiful and healing. You can see very clearly his rich and deep relationship with the world around him when you look at this paintings. I also admire Francisco as a person because he is dedicated to preserving and restoring rainforest which is also something that is on my life path.

My influences include, but are not limited to:
Chinese art: water-ink paintings and history.
Japanese art: Netsuke and folk tales.
Animation art: older Walt Disney movies and Warner Brothers. PIXAR (all movies).
African Art: Cloth, folk tales, and sculpture.
Body art, costume, and jewelry from around the world – especially indigenous.
Ancient art and folk tales of South America (especially of the Amazon) and Mexico.
Egyptian art and history.
Native American art and stories.
Greek sculpture and myths.
Ancient Babylonian art and history.
The European Renaissance.

These are some of my Big Hairy Audacious Goals as an artist. I like to write them as if they already happened


– I am so happy and thankful to have purchased over one million acres of rain forest land in South America, and set it up to be protected forever.

– I am appreciative that I am able to give my friends and family $10,000.00 each for the fun of it!

– I am so happy and thankful that I have produced an academy award winning animation that has inspired millions of people to feel great contentment, prosperity, love, and joy.

– I am so appreciative that I own the house and land for an artist’s retreat where artists go and relax and learn about many things, including, and especially business.

– I am so thankful to be getting paid very well to illustrate many Children’s books and other products.

– I am so thankful that I have sold licensing of my designs to companies who love to use them on amazing products. I am connected with companies and stores who enjoy buying large quantities of my products from my companies.

– I am so thankful that I receive at least $6,000.00/month always, effortlessly, waking or sleeping via all of my marvelous and magical income streams.

Art is in my DNA. It brings me great joy and growth. I love it, and will always do it for myself, the world, and you.