Artist Statement


A lot of my art spills out of me. There is not an option.

I must create it.

If I don’t, my soul pokes at me continuously until it I do.


I first realized I was supposed to be an artist when I was

about seven years old.

My art teacher said to me

“WOW! That is a great tree! No one else made a tree that good!”


Sometimes I am not ready to create a particular thing for a multitude of reasons.

Due to the fact that I have things on a calendar,

I simply must do it, so,

sometimes the birth of a creation is very difficult.

It actually hurts physically, mentally, and spiritually.


I want people to look at my creations and go away feeling better about themselves,

the people around them, and the world.

I want them to feel encouraged, evolved, and empowered.


Some Artists who have influenced me…

– Leonardo Da Vinci  because he was interested in so MANY things, not just creating art.

– Michelangelo because he was a great all-around artist and business man.

– Monet because when I look at his paintings, I feel more peaceful.

– Ron Mueck because his sculptures are so full of life.

– Alex Grey because his work has so much depth and light.

– Francisco Montes Shuña, a visionary painter who I studied with in Peru.

You can clearly see his rich relationship with the world around him when you look at this paintings.

My influences include:
– Chinese art: water-ink paintings and history.
– Japanese art: Netsuke and folk tales.
– Animation art: Older Walt Disney movies and Warner Brothers. PIXAR (all movies).
– African Art: Cloth, folk tales, and sculpture.
– Body art, costume, and jewelry from around the world – especially indigenous.
– Ancient art and folk tales of South America (especially of the Amazon) and Mexico.
– Egyptian art and history.
– Native American art and stories.
– Greek sculpture and myths.
– Ancient Babylonian art and history.
– The European Renaissance.

Art is in my DNA.

I will always do it for myself, the world, and you.