December 5, 2016.

I was drawing with kids at an event the other night.
I wrote on the top of the blank paper: “Draw Here!” With an arrow pointing at the blank paper.
She wrote the same words on her paper and drew this Christmas tree.
I like how she drew the ornaments. They are vivacious.

October 4, 2016

Have been having fun coming up with at least ten ideas a day. Here is a sample.

Ideas for more interesting business meetings:

Team meetings where everyone stands on one leg the entire time.

Team meetings where everyone has their face painted blue.

Team meetings where no one speaks and everyone plays charades to get their point across.

Team meetings where everyone draws and does not speak.

Team meetings where everyone is laying down on comfy mattes.

Team meetings where everyone must wear a costume.

Team meetings where a new person organizes and leads the meeting every week.

Team meetings where a new person presents each week.

Team meetings where a dog sits at the ‘head’ of the meeting table.

Team meetings at a farm where everyone must hold a rooster.

Team meetings at a farm where everyone must catch a baby pig.

Team meetings where everyone must sing a song.

Team meetings where there is no technology present – everyone must take notes on paper with their non-dominant hand.

Team meetings where everyone must paint with acrylic paint, their vision of what they want the company to be.

Team meetings where everyone learns origami.

Give team members a month to choose and read a book. Each team member presents why they like that book and how it has changed how they will move forward in their life.

Team meetings where each person brings in a family member or friend and talks about how that person supports them in their life and work.

Team meetings in a cave with no lights.

Team meetings at the aviary in the zoo.

Team meetings where everyone is blindfolded.

Team meetings at the art museum.

Team meetings at a natural history museum.

Team meetings at a Rest Home where any interested resident can fully participate and present.

Team meetings in a soup kitchen for the homeless.

Team meetings in a multi-level shopping center where everyone must be in a wheelchair and shop in at least one store on each level.

Team meetings where everyone must where earplugs and hearing protection so they can’t hear.

Team meetings where EVERYONE must communicate only by text. No talking, motions, drawing, or writing.

Team meetings where each team member must pick a favorite word that they believe relates to the company. Each person gets equal time to present about it.

Team meetings where everyone must use the product or service for something bizarrely unexpected.

Tell me your ideas

October 2, 2016.

I have been busy traveling and creating amazing things for clients lately. Being inspired by James Altucher. Check out these VisualNotes I created at SumoCon. You will be taken to my visualization site. For a long time I have been thinking of creating a history of my work from the beginning. Would that be interesting to you?

June 28, 2016.

Creating many visualizations for clients lately.

May 24, 2016.

Have been doing a ton of MindMapping with Mindjet, marketing, and project management for clients lately. I love Mindjet.

May 8, 2016.

Have been working on graphic design and marketing tools for clients lately. Just got back from a lovely Mother’s Day at my Mom’s.

Feeling very thankful that she is still alive and well and that she has always believed in me.

Volunteered for a bunch of events recently. This was interesting and I learned a lot.

April 7, 2016.

Right now, I am saying hello to you.

March 19, 2016.

Being fascinated with new and different places, I just got back from visiting a local Sportsman’s Show.

It was fun, with fascinating visual delights and all kinds of sparkly things to catch fish with.

March 18, 2016.

Wow, unbelievable that it has been almost a month since I wrote here.

How lovely that I have been so busy with so many things that I want to do that I have not had time to write here.

At this moment and today, I am listening to a book recommended by Derek Sivers.- Smartcuts by Shane Snow

Attended a fun event the other day with a women’s networking organization called ‘Women Ties’ at Midvale Country Club.

Did a bunch of tech support for The Women of Focus event held in Rochester, NY. March 3, 2016

The coloring book designs mentioned earlier are temporarily on hold for a few reasons. Depending on a few factors, I may not end up doing a coloring book after all. Will keep you updated.

Have been creating a lot lately. So much, that it is tough to keep up with it all.

Stacks of sketches await scanning in. You can see those in the blog and newsletter as I am going to avoid images here to keep the page easy to load.

Due to my multi talented nature, I am the executive assistant to a vivacious woman who has a business where she provides elite concierge service to those who want to experience the best ever trip to Sicily in Italy.

February 23, 2016.

Just got home from Toastmaster’s meeting.

They are fun and inspiring. Tonight, a woman spoke about the Ragmar Wigmom.

A woman who was wild and inspiring during a recent race she participated in.

Ragmar Wigmom yelled “You are amazing! I believe in you!” to everyone.

She wore a rainbow wig and a star spangled skirt.

The moral of the story was that it would be cool if all of us could let our Rainbow Wigmom freak flag fly.

February 22, 2016 – 12:55 pm.

Right now, I am feeling thankful for how much my Mom believes in me.

I am also continuing to work on the bear.

Today, while I work, I have been listening to Tim Ferriss podcasts with Shaun White, Derek Sivers, and Naval Ravikant.

It is a constant awareness of mine – what is going INTO my art.

Whatever can be done to be in the best place possible is done, so then it shines on to you.

The bear is being redrawn in Adobe Illustrator using a combination of tools, including the blob brush.

I played with Illustrator’s image trace for quite some time and the trace of the drawing does not meet my standards.

Future drawings for the book will be created in Illustrator to minimize this incredibly time consuming work.

Here is a little snippet.

Bear Process Copyright 2016 Christine Marsh
(Bear Process Copyright 2016 Christine Marsh)

The red is what has been completed so far.

Are there any animals you would like to be in the book?

February 21, 2016.

I was just thinking about how I STILL LOVE scratch and sniff stickers.

Send me your address to get a fun letter from me.

Having just finished writing a thank you letter, I am preparing to continue on with editing the bear.

February 18, 2016.

Right now I am working on the editing of a black and white image of a bear I created for an adult coloring book.

The images in this book will be animals.

The images are also on sale as matted prints.

Two of these new images are in a show that is up until the last day of February.

Location: SIPS Coffee and Cafe

Their phone: 585.323.9360

Earlier today, I took a live course on Leadership created by Seth Godin.

This was a fantastic course.

I created these images during the course.

I only had 30 seconds to a minute to complete each one.

To understand some, you may need to take the course, but most are self descriptive.


Think of what you appreciate when fear sets in.


Write your way over the bridge of fear.


Leaders paint a picture and have to be willing to be exposed. They focus on what needs to be there and create new strategies.


Hire round pegs for round holes. People want to be seen, needed trusted, respected, and present.


Remember Rule Number 6.

Stay calm and don’t take yourself so seriously.


Authority is about guns and badges. Responsibility is doing something even if you have none of those.


As a leader failure of some sort is always certain. Nothing succeeds with everyone. You have to be okay with looking failure straight in the eye.


Leading is and is not personal. You have to care enough to put thing on the line.

It is not personal when your methods fail.


You, yes you, can be a leader. You don’t need any special sauce.


8 Leadership steps.


Ask yourself these questions in leadership. Someone decided to lead. Is it you?


Inspirer: for the Now page: Derek Sivers.