SIPS gallery

Rochester, NY

Solo show April 2015

SIPS gallery

Rochester, NY

Solo show April 2014

Irondequoit Gallery – 1280 Titus Avenue  Rochester, NY 14617 Phone: 585.467.8840

Original paintings – From October 2012 to December 2012

‘Small’ Show – 60 Brown’s Race Rochester, NY  14614 Phone: 585.325-2030

Original paintings – Reception Sunday October 7, 2012 3pm to 6pm (Until October 28, 2012)

iSquare Gallery

Irondequoit, NY

Original paintings and prints – October 2012

Dark Horse Gallery

Rochester, NY
October 2011 – March 2012.

The Grassroots Art Gallery, Rochester, NY

June and July 2011

SIPS gallery

Solo show June 2011

Light Space and Time Gallery

Animals – International Exhibition

Won Special Recognition for

“Haudenosaunee Bear Clan”

Haudenosaunee Bear Clan

Grassroots Gallery

Rochester NY, 14609

Original paintings and prints.

12th Annual Faces Juried Online International Art Exhibition

“SHINING SOUL” and ‘DREAMING” received Special International Recognition


Self Portrait Exhibition

Brooklyn Art Library
103A N. 3rd St
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Rochester Art Drop – Self Portrait Exhibition

American Portraits: Diversity in Our Land Exhibition

3 Portraits: Wise Man; Shining Soul; Father and Daughter

AWARD – $20,000.00

Produced an animation to illustrate an inventor’s generator idea and he won $20,000.00

in the ‘Pittsburgh Innovates’ contest.


Fine art commissions, graphic design, production sculpting, special effects,

computer animation, and creative services:

Walt Disney/PIXAR – Master Sculptures for toys.

Warner Brothers – Master Sculptures for lamps.

Steven Spielberg – Pre-production sculptures.

Stardust Entertainment (Germany) – Computer animation – Generalist – all levels of production from layout to rendering.

Snap! Toys (Florida)

Finlandia Vodka

Buffalo State, University of Rochester, R.I.T., St. John Fisher and other colleges.

Irondequoit, Geneseo, Greece, Charlotte, Central, and other libraries.

Brasser, Long Ridge and many more Public Schools in Rochester, New York

Macy’s Department Stores

Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra

Chapin International, Inc.

The Democrat and Chronicle – Rochester, NY

Last Night Perry – Perry, New York

…and countless individuals, families, photographers, and more.

I appreciate you all! Thank You!


Interviewed by the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle on numerous occasions about my art and life.

All Images and content copyright 2015 Christine Marsh