Ferrari – Triptych of Light Painting ™

This is a Triptych of Light Painting ™
A commissioned acrylic painting created by Christine Marsh.

Here is a video presentation describing the painting process.

The subject is a Ferrari, the owner’s family, and his son racing a Go-Kart.

Commission a Triptych of Light Painting ™

Here is the transcript to the video:

When I paint, I like to understand my subject as much as possible.

In this case, I was painting a Ferrari.

I’ve not had much experience with Ferraris and I wanted to
connect with, understand, and learn about Ferrari.

I had to do that in order to do this painting.

In order to help me do that, I did a lot of research and
came up with this Mind Map about things related to Ferrari.

Learning about the history of Ferrari was fascinating.
I saw that Enzo Ferrari had a son who died and you can see it
in his face in before and after pictures.

He was an amazing man.

There is a decorated World War I pilot from Italy
Francesco Baracca.
Hope I said that right.
Who had this personal emblem on his plane.

His parents allowed Ferrari to use the symbol
which became the Ferrari logo.

This is a Mind Map that I made to help me understand
and feel more connected with the Ferrari legend.
This is done with Mindjet.

This is one of the earlier stages of the painting.
I have finished the background.
I do that first so that I can paint the car on top of it and
I don’t have to try to go back and fix any of the background
and get that done.

So, this is an early stage of the car.
I lay out the basic forms first in one color.
You can see here we have orange and then
blues down here.

This is actually a very hard way to paint
in a way because, you end up with,
well I don’t like how it looks for the first,
for, for most of the painting (laughs)
but, it lays out a nice under structure of form.

So, its pretty much always the way I paint.
It takes a LOT longer.
But, its worth it in the end.
More painful, longer, but worth it.

And so here’s the next another stage.
This is uh what my desk was looking at looking
like at one point.

Don’t look at the water. It was before I changed it.
Ahhhh! (laughs)

So this is on my desk.
I like to use this as an easel.
And there are these little jars of paint.
I like to use them for mixed paint.

And this here this tape is great for making clean curvy lines.

Here’s the next spot.
It’s just moving further, adding more color, building up color.
You can see there are some colors coming into the shadows here.
Going a little bit further, adding some more color. Still.

Even more. Getting the little horse in his helmet. (laughs)
This is really tiny in the real world.

This is the final.
So, there’s some pretty cool little details in here.
Kinda fun.
See how the paint is.

Alright so, now we’re going to come up to this point
where I am beginning the UV light painting.

So this is the second painting, on top of the first painting and
you can, to a certain degree, you can see the car underneath them.

Here’s the headlights. There’s a tire.
So, this painting, this kind of paint, takes a long time to build up.

So I’ve started to buildup their bodies and details and things like that.

Here, going a little bit further there’s more layers of paint on the face
and then I’m beginning the glow in the dark painting right here.

This is uh a family member on a Go-Kart.

And here is actually the final version of the painting in black light
or fluorescent light. And there are all the logos here.
Its tough to get a great picture of this part of the painting
just because its so…its just uh, you know I am taking it in a black light.

So, then here we go. This is to show I have the regular light on and I have a UV light on
so that you can see what’s happening.

But, in only regular light…
this is what you see.

Its basically like they’re the family is totally invisible.

So this is the final version of the third painting and this
is glowing in the dark. We have the Ferrari symbol right here.

And the family name.
And I snuck the word ‘love’ in there.
And the Go-Kart glowing.
So this is all glowing in the dark.

And subtly over here you can see there’s the word ‘family’.

On a final note, this painting took about 100 hours.

From start to finish.

And one person’s experience with this was “The race car is amazing. It seems so alive and not an inanimate object, I can not recall ever, experiencing a race car picture with that feel!

Thank You.

Commission a Triptych of Light Painting ™