Elephant Family Portrait – Triptych of Light Painting™

This is a Triptych of Light Painting ™
A commissioned acrylic painting created by Christine Marsh.
In this video, I walk you through the process of the creation of this painting.



Here is the transcript from the presentation above:
Hello this is Christine Marsh and I’m going to be talking about the Elephant Family Portrait.
It is a Triptych of Light Painting ™
In order to to start this project,
I already had many thousands of reference pictures
because I used to live by a zoo,
and I would visit the elephants every day and I took a lot of pictures of them so
here are some of those pictures here.

…Lots of textures, many times of day, many times of year.

Ok? So here is one of the first stages.
I have laid out some of the basic colors
and then started to add details

including on the bottom.

And here I am going further and adding more detail and
color…layering up.
Here I…even more details and some…some…wrinkles.

I didn’t really like how this was in here so I went and i mellowed it out a little bit.
This is the final version, and this is in regular light so you turn on your lights in the house
and this is what you see.

Here’s a detail of the eye.
And a detail of the ear.

I like how these wrinkles came out right here.

And the next step is.
We’re going to look at the painting in UV light or Black light.
I have used this light to paint glow-in-the-dark and UV stuff
for over 25 years…
and this is how the
painting is looking in black light.

And here you can see her, this is the wife of
the family, this is the dog which is like their child,
and this here is a jet that she designed because she works at NASA.

And here is a an image that shows regular light and also the black light is illuminating
what is going on so you can see the ear of the elephant and where
everything is.

I planned this so that the eye would be over the elephant’s eye.

This is a close up of the jet in the bottom right hand corner.
A lot of people don’t see that at first until they know
it’s there.

And this is glowing in the dark. So no light at all. And this is the
third painting.
In this painting is the wife and the dog.

And here we have once again the final version.

And that is everything. Have a beautiful day.

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