Mali – Triptych of Light Painting ™

This is a Triptych of Light Painting ™
A commissioned acrylic painting created by Christine Marsh.

Here is a video of the process of creating Mali.

Here is the transcript for this video.

– Start –
This is Christine Marsh and I’m going to talk about a
Triptych of Light Painting ™
or three paintings in one.
It’s called Mali.

When I first start almost every painting,
I always create a basic underlying color scheme.
And this is so I have, uh, an essence of the form before
I do anything else.

This was done in Photoshop.

And here I have started to paint in acrylic paint.
Laying down the basic colors.

A little bit more work.
Creating more of the details of the painting.

This is what my desk looks like when I paint (laughs)
I tend to get focused and I forget about where everything is.

I primarily use Golden paints.
I love them.
And I oftentimes have references on my monitors
while I am working.

Here I’m going further,
adding more color and detail.

This is the final painting.
I’ve used quite a bit of zinc white
to, uh, make the colors not so vibrant
and mellow them out a little bit.

I will zoom in so you can see my brush strokes.

So here we have…this is in regular light okay?
You turn on the lights and that’s what you see.

Now this is the UV light version of this painting,
so it’s the same painting but now we have these extra folks
that have become visible in the black light.

So, this is painting number two.

I like to sign my name, sneak that in there in the black light.

This is the glow in the dark version of the painting.
I mean these folks are basically similar,
but there are some differences in this third painting
and I’m using some different colors of Glow in the Dark paint.
Here’s some blue and over here some oranges.

It took me quite a bit of time and practice to find these colors and
learn how to use these paints.

So that’s everything (for this moment)
Thank You!
Have a fantastic day.
See you..
– Finish –

Do you want to see more like this?
What subjects?

Commission a Triptych of Light Painting ™