If you had to, which would you choose…

Living the rest of your days in a library, museum, or a zoo?

This is a fascinating question.

The answer for me has to come from where I have spent the most time in my life.

I love to learn, so that would be the library.

It is a hard decision though, because I also love animals.

It could be very interesting to observe animals over the years.

Zoos just don’t excite me that much.

It is difficult to not feel saddened around all the animals in captivity.

Museums are also amazing.

So much art can be contemplated for long periods of time.

The library would hold my interest the longest.
It would also have the largest variety of people.

Then, I have to add in a fourth choice.
That would be the rainforest.
A place where some of my soul lives.

Forever changing.
Always fascinating.

Millions of species of beings.

That would be the final winner for me.

What about you?