About Christine

I wake up from a dream.

It is 3:30 am.

I go outside.

Walking through the neighborhood, I feel like a wild pioneer.

Alive and interested in the world.

Arriving at the forest, the landscape rolls out before me in the light of a quarter moon.

Sitting in the moonlight, a night bird begins to giggle.

The dew is ignited, diamonds.

I lay back.

Shooting stars saying hello.
The tiniest drop of dawn illuminates the clouds first.

A sliver of the sky.

This painter called Dawn continues her work, painting the sides of the clouds a rich brown.

Adding more color every moment.

Teaching me.

The clouds, dragons and hippopotami with wings, float by saying “slooow down today everything is going to be ok.”

Giant and soft is their message.

The dew covered grass dances under my fingers.

The first bird of the day sings as the crickets begin to sleep.

Who decides on who gets to sing first?

What has to occur to unleash that first morning song?

Christine Marsh

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Sunflower Christine

Plant Lover

When you experience Christine’s creations, you discover new wonders and leap tall mountains in a single bound!

Christine loves to examine the fine details of nature, bird watch, walk, learn, research, and spread joy in the world.

Christine loves Horses, Frogs, and Birds.

She is a recovering workaholic and perfectionist.
She cares about increasing life and harmony among humans, freedom, good health, and changing lives through art.

Her jobs, include working with Walt Disney, PIXAR, and Warner Brothers.

Contact her here.

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Pat K’s experience with…

‘Mali’ – Acrylic Painting (Triptych of Light)

“I love the video of Mali’s painting, but even better is living with the original you made for us.

It is in a prominent place and I often sit beside it and examine it in wonder.
It brings back such fond memories of our little creature of light.
I miss her so.

We have recently lost our Gali and hope he has joined Mali in whatever afterlife exists for our beloved furry friends.
Such brief encounters and so filled with unconditional love.

You have such a marvelous way with the eyes of the creatures you draw; the expression in that dog portrait is amazing.

I hope you have wonderful inspirations to draw and paint as only you can.”

Robin W.’s experience with…

‘Cooper’s Love’ – Custom Rainbow Pencil

“I think you are amazingly talented!
Oh my goodness Creative Christine!
You captured him perfectly and made me cry.
She’s going to absolutely LOVE it.
I got so excited…!”

“My friend cried big time today when she saw ‘Coopers Love’.
Told me it was the best present she ever got!
So you did a fabulous job Christine.
Thank you for making my friend’s Birthday so special.”

Cooper - custom art

Anya’s experience with…

Atlas- Matted Rainbow Pencil Print (and friends)

Anya’s Amazing Mom gave her an Atlas print as a coming of age celebration.

She is starting school this year. Anya loves her art!”

Anya and her art

“Love your art work. It is so pretty. What a great outlook you have – vivid with a purple splash of sunshine.” – Sue P.