Artist Statement


When I was about seven years old, my art teacher said to me

“WOW! That is a great tree! No one else made a tree that good!”



I do this because I want you to look at my creations and go away feeling better about yourself, the people around you, and the world.

For you to feel encouraged, evolved, and empowered.

For you to discover that there is a little bit more magic and delightful surprise in the world.

You get what you give.


Sometimes the birth of a creation is difficult.

It hurts physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The gifts received always outweigh any challenges.


Some Artists who have influenced me…

– Leonardo Da Vinci  because he was interested in so MANY things, and not just creating art, just like me.

– Michelangelo because he was a great all-around artist and business man.

– Monet because when I look at his paintings, I feel more peaceful.

– Ron Mueck because his sculptures are so full of life.

– Alex Grey because his work has so much depth and light.

– Francisco Montes Shuña, a visionary painter who I studied with in Peru.

You can clearly see his rich relationship with the world around him when you look at his paintings.

Other influences include:
– Chinese art: water-ink paintings and history
– Japanese art: Netsuke and folk tales
– Animation art: Older Walt Disney movies and Warner Brothers. PIXAR (all movies)
– African Art: Cloth, folk tales, and sculpture
– Body art, costume, and jewelry from around the world – especially indigenous
– Ancient art and folk tales of South America (especially of the Amazon) and Mexico
– Egyptian art and history
– Native American art and stories
– Greek sculpture and myths
– Ancient Babylonian art and history
– The European Renaissance
– The visualizations of David Sibbet

Art and creativity are in my DNA.

I will always create for myself, the world, and you.

Thank you.