Life has taken Christine to many places and many jobs.

– Security

– Retail: convenience store, Home Depot, and natural foods stores

– Gourmet Vegetarian cook

– Manager

– Masseuse

– Executive Assistant

– Operations Manager

– Race horse groom

(1991 Check out Christine’s hair!)

Christine Marsh - 1991

Christine Marsh – 1991 – Race Horse Groom

.– elder caretaker,

– Plowing fields and planting seeds

– Baking thousands of pies in a few days

– Strawberry and apple picker

– Serigraphic print maker for Romero Britto’s prints,

–  Chemical factory

– Ice cream scooper

– Plastic factory night shift worker

– Teacher

– Library clerk

– Brick sander, construction

– Telemarketer

All of these job experiences have
only added depth to her art.


These jobs led her to

travel through and live in:

Germany, Austria,

The Czech Republic,

The Slovak Republic,

New York City, Italy,

Los Angeles, Peru,

and 27 of the United States.