In the Rocks

Sometimes in life it seems like we’re stuck in the rocks.

Standing in the rocks.

And the rocks are also in a cage.


It seems like nothing is growing.

Like nothing can grow where we are.

But sometimes if we.





Soil drifts in from somewhere.

Nutrients come.

Things grow through the rocks.

Things that can grow through rocks are very strong.


Today was a busy day filled with marvelous meetings, fascinating conversations, new things, sterling customer service, finishing up with some of the best steak I ever ate.

It was still necessary to say a quick hello to you before sleeping.

Sending you love bubbles and dreams filled with many beauties…

Fulfill your gift giving dreams


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Last, but certainly not least:
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Triptych of Light examples:

Note: To get this to you in time for Christmas, I need you to have your subjects and/or photos to me by December 9th.
If you don’t need it by Christmas, any date is fine.

This Triptych of Light offer ends at 6pm on December 8, 2015.
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What is your favorite present you ever received?

Would you share this with your people who make you feel like that?

Now THAT is a carrot!

Onward with my continued delight with who and what I find at the Rochester Public Market.

Now THAT is a SuperCarrotCarrot…
And, yes, it was necessary to write CarrotCarrot twice.


Carrot nipples. 😀


The first thing that came to mind here was that this was some kind of carrot rocket ship.
It HAS to be at least part alien.


The carrots from this farmer are among the best I have ever eaten.

What is your favorite vegetable?

Here are a couple previous posts from the Rochester Public Market.
Abundance 1
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A Bit of Green

Here is some greenery for you.


This was painted on my iPad using digital oil paint.
There is a lovely garden along a path.
It is maintained by a few people in the neighborhood.
Has a cute little bench to sit and draw on.

Have a lovely Saturday…

The Chachapoyas

The Chachapoyas were a mysterious people who lived in Peru before the Incas.

They are sometimes called The Warriors of the Clouds.

Here is more information about their culture on Wikipedia.

Chachapoyas Art - Christine Marsh - 2011


This art was made in honor of the Chachapoyas.

It was inspired from a piece of fabric believed to be made by the Chachapoyas.

In order to make this, I used a cloud photograph I took on a peaceful evening while visiting a lovely friend in Wayland, NY.

Then the being was created with rainbow pencil (below)


and superimposed the two in Adobe Photoshop.

A bit of the clouds shows through the body of the being.

This is atypical and abstract compared to my usual creations, but isn’t it fun to not see something about Christmas right now?

It was fun to create my version of the original ancient art.


What is your favorite holiday?

What is your favorite art from that holiday?

For example: Santa Claus, Pumpkins, Trees, Winter scenes,

turkeys, purple platypuses…

What do you look like right now?

Would you send me a picture of you are as soon as you read this?

I am in my studio right now.


What are you doing?

How are you feeling?

What is your favorite color?

How did your day go up until the point that you read this?

What was your favorite thing that happened today?

Thank you for being here.




The Da Vinci Detective

Yesterday I wrote about How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci.

What re-ignited my Leonardo passion was a documentary that I recently watched called ‘The Da Vinci Detective‘ on Netflix.

This documentary is about a scientist, Dr. Maurizio Seracini who, with incredible persistence and dedication, has searched for a lost painting of Leonardo’s for years.

He kept finding and using state of the art equipment and techniques for years.

He has not found this mural, The Battle of Anghiari yet.


The above is created by Peter Paul Rubens of The Battle of Anghiari.

During his years of research, Seracini found out that another painting, Adoration of the Magi, was not painted by Leonardo.


With all of his skills, he DOES discover, and gets images of Leonardo’s drawing underneath the paint.

Here is a video presentation on the drawings underneath.

The theory is that Leonardo’s original drawings were not traditional enough.
The patron hired someone else to finish the painting and paint out the ‘offensive’ elements.
This is all so eternally fascinating to me.
It reminds me of how I have developed Triptychs of Light over the years.

What is something you have been incredibly persistent with in YOUR life?

And how do you think that has changed the world?




Rest is one of the most important things you will ever do.

Or, should I say, for some of us, it is one of the most important things we will allow ourselves to do.

Rest. Especially when you don’t have time to.



Number 12

Go to an old photo album.

Count how you want and stop at photo 12.
Look at that photo for a bit and then write about it.

How does it make you feel?
What comes to mind?

This is what number 12 was for me.


A photo I took of the Southside of Pittsburgh in about 1996.
The first thing that comes to mind is partying.

The Southside was where people partied.
Tons of bars and drunk people peeing in alleys.
Occasionally, I would go into these bars even though I do not drink alcohol.
Just to watch drunk people.
Because sometimes that is fun to do.

A place where there were so many people all around.
Yet, a sense of loneliness still pervaded the air.

Pittsburgh was the kind of city that, while I was there I wanted to get away.
When I did leave, I missed things.
There are a lot of trees there for a city.
Awesome museums.
An amazing library.

Oh, and bridges.
If you like bridges, you have to go to Pittsburgh.
Memories of being a bit too daring.
Climbing to the tops of those bridges with friends.
Jumping over gaps as we got higher and higher up.
Sometimes it seems quite amazing that I am still alive.

What is your number 12?

Write a 20 Line Poem…

Write a 20-line poem where every line begins with the first letter of your first name.
The only rule is that it can’t be about you.

Crystals shine in the moonlight.
Come here and visit the lovely rainbow bubbles.

Can you see what I mean?
Cornerstone of beauty, she was.
Crinkling at the corners of her eyes.
Can”t stop laughing.

Careening in a whirling dance.
Camping in the warm night.
Call of the owl.


Can we find our way over the rainbow?
Career is going well.
Confidence comes for you from within the bark of the tree.
Can you look at it and see?

Curious about what lies next.
Communion with what you believe.
Connecting more than ever before.
Currency is always appreciated.

Conscious of what is happening around you.
Charismatic beings speak words of light.
Clarity helps us to communicate.

Walking at Ganondagan

Took a little walk at Ganondagan the other day.

It is the site of a Native American community. A center for the Seneca people.

It is beautiful there.

Easy to feel peaceful.

Come walk on the Trail of Peace with me. Look, they even left a handy walking stick for us.


They look like little fluffy dancers.


‘The Three Sisters’ was a name for Corn, Squash, and Beans; and important crop to the Seneca.

Painting The Three Sisters is on my list.

Are you one of those people that likes to read all the signs? I am.


Sky watchers.

For some reason I have always loved milkweed. We have to get rid of Pale Swallow Wort! Never knew that Pale Swallow Wort existed until I read this sign.Sky-watchers

For some reason I have always loved milkweed. We have to get rid of Pale Swallow Wort! Never knew that Pale Swallow Wort existed until I read this sign.




What do you think this stone is for. It sure looks nifty.


It’s time for me to make like a tree and …



Around the world in a day.

On my birthday, I went to Polska Chata, a Polish restaurant for lunch…

Cubby holes.


Jar O’ mushrooms.


Make time for what you love or you could go cuckoo.


Colorful Polish characters.


Later that day, I went to Hot Pot, a funky Asian restaurant, for dinner.

Driving there, the light was interesting in the rain.
This car looks like a space car doesn’t it?


The lighting and feeling in here reminds me of the movie Bladerunner (Ridley Scott).


You order a plate of stuff, whatever you want.


You put what you want in the pot and then eat from it as it bubbles away.
The flavors change as you add new things.


Here is a video of the bubbling pot…

Are you hungry for art that nourishes your soul?


At a friend’s house

Woke up peacefully in the morning at a lovely friend’s house in Geneseo, NY.

The camera lens was fogged.

It made some interesting glowing pictures.



Glowing redhaired artist.


Every morning I drink tea. Here is the cup I picked from her magic cupboards.


Fairy meeting. The art on her walls is soft, feminine, and loving, just like she is.


I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree….




Keep spreading the light…

Nine Peace Bringers (Part 8 and 9)

Here are the eighth and ninth in a list of nine Peace Bringers for you.

(‘Peace bringers’ sounded better than ‘stress relievers’)
We are going to do the last two in one newsletter.

8. Take a nap.


9. Sing.

When a person sings, I see beautiful structures form around their heads. These structures change and transform as the songs change.

They are called Headdresses of light.


Would you like to comment and let me know what do you do to bring more peace into your life?

Here is the final list of Peace Bringers with links to all the newsletters.
1. Go for a walk.
2. Read a good book.
3. Gently focus on the right thumb.
4. Draw.
5. Write.
6. Breathe.
7. Paint.
7.Hold a pen in your teeth.
8. Take a nap.
9. Sing.

(baby photo from Deposit Photos)

Nine Peace Bringers (Part 8)


Here is the eighth in a list of nine Peace Bringers for you.

(‘Peace bringers’ sounded better than ‘stress relievers’)

8. Hold a pen in your teeth

(This makes you smile and feel silly. Almost impossible to not feel better after doing this.)

Love rock

Here is the seventh in a list of nine Peace Bringers for you.
(‘Peace bringers’ sounded better than ‘stress relievers’)

7. Paint

Yes, it is a Love Rock.

It glows in the black light and in the dark.



This is one of the rocks I paint therapeutically.

Usually first thing in the morning.

What do you think?



Letting Go

It is noon here in Rochester, NY.

The sun reaches through the window and
places its warm hand on my shoulder as I write.

I was talking to someone the other day.

They have been living at a place called

The Rochester Zen Center for over six years.

They live a simple life.

Meditate every day.


Kind of like monks but not as hardcore.

“What is one of the most important things

you have learned from living there?” I asked.

“Surrender.” he said.


“Just surrender.”

Then I was thinking.


What is surrender?
‘You agree that the opponent has won.’

‘Giving up.’

‘Letting go.’

‘You are not going to try to fight that battle any more.’

At least for now.

It is tempting to look up the word, but I will not.

We tend to think of surrender as losing.

And it is bad to lose, right?

But, what if the battle is not useful?

What if the battle took too many casualties?

What if it is time to let go of that way of thinking?


What do you want to surrender?

What do you want to surrender to?

(Images Deposit Photos)

Peace Bringers (Part 5)


Here is the fifth in a list of nine Peace Bringers for you.
(‘Peace bringers’ sounded better than ‘stress relievers’)

5. Writing

Example 1: First thing in the morning, write (at least) three things that you appreciate.
Two of them can be simple things.

I appreciate…
1. Pencils.
2. Paper.
3. That I woke up today and am alive.

Example 2: Write what you are worried about.
Keep the time around five minutes.
If it feels good rip it up and destroy it
or keep it for later observations.

These are two simple exercises that
have helped me to have a happier and more peaceful life.

You can find the first four Peace Bringer newsletters here:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Reflections on a life well lived.


(This was written yesterday morning)

I will be 43 years young at 8:49 pm tonight.

I have…

helped to raise four children.

(Hopefully) made a positive difference in their lives.

Graduated from college with two degrees.

Helped thousands of people to smile
and have a different perspective on things,
at least for a moment,
by giving them happy little art filled rectangles of paper,
called Sparkle Cards, for over ten years.

Learned how to be kinder to myself.

Been a computer geek.

Become something different than I was,
yet more of who I really am.

Loved completely and loved when it was easier not to.

Traveled to Peru twice.
Living in the rainforest, in the
pure paradise of my soul for 3.5 months.

Created thousands of paintings, drawings, and sculptures.

Written thousands of pages of
thoughts, observations, feelings, and adventures.

Taken thousands of pictures.

Drove across the country and back by myself,
from dancing with transvestites in New Orleans to
howling with joy to see my first wild-growing cactus.

Maintained some great friendships.

Been close to my Mom.

Laughed with piles of people.

Remembered acts of kindness and consideration…
At 17 years young, I was new at college.
Some people who barely knew me, invited me
to a spaghetti dinner for my birthday.
We had so much fun playing Mad Libs with
many bizarre words and howled with
laughter until our sides hurt.
For some reason, that kindness sticks out.
They barely knew me, but invited me in.

Experienced the incredible and beautiful and elaborate
birthday cakes my Mom made.
Breyer horses in fully functional barns. Elaborate rabbits.

Helped people to edit, format, and publish books.

Designed toys.

Gone on thousands of walks.

Read thousands of books.

Gotten better at forgiving others and myself.

Cooked a lot of great food.

Supported girls in their growth.

Had a lion and a baboon in my lap.

Written a lot of cool letters.

Turned over rocks in the water
to find out what was underneath.

Helped many businesses improve.

Lived in Germany while doing animation
and worked with a great group of people from around the world.

Created things for Walt Disney, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, and PIXAR.
Fulfilled an 18 year dream of becoming a Special Effects Artist
and then realized making scary stuff was
not what I wanted to do anymore.

Walked through the streets of Venice, Prague and tiny towns in the Slovak Republic.

Climbed to the tops of mountains to visit crumbling ancient castles.

Skateboarded through downtown Pittsburgh at 3am.

Painted thousands of faces and bodies to to inspire delight and joy.

Healed some broken parts of myself and let
some others JUST BE for awhile until they are ready.

Done what was right for my soul even when
it seemed like the whole world was against me.

Been as strong as Super Woman
and as delicately vulnerable as the new sprout.

Thank You.

Christine Marsh – Redhaired Creative Visual Solution Specialist
43 years young…
a summary of reflections on a life well-lived (so far).
Do you want to see what happens next?
If you are not already on my daily newsletter list,
you can sign up here.

One Blue and One Brown

Visiting my Uncle.
His dog has one blue and one brown eye.
It seems like dogs with different colored eyes are a bit more magical.

Have you ever known a dog with different colored eyes?
Were they special?