This is a tree I visited in the Amazon rainforest.

It is 5,000 years old.
That is not a typo.

The name of this tree is La Puna Blanca.

This tree has to have some special power to be able to live that long.


La Puna Blanca – other views.



This root looks like a creature.



Here I am with La Puna Blanca.
It was a challenging trek through the jungle to reach this tree.
It was just about to rain which spiked the humidity.
During times like this, the mosquitoes are magnificently hungry and took about a liter of my blood to make new babies.
Having the opportunity to be with this tree was worth every last blood donation.



There are some people who do not respect the jungle and cut down trees and put cow pastures in their place.

The people I work with there actually restore the cow pastures back to jungle.
A task some had previously said was impossible.

The considerate people use only parts of plants and have ways of caring for them and keeping them alive and well.
Everything is always utilized efficiently.
It is a symbiotic relationship.
Above is a small part of a root of La Puna Blanca that has been cut for the sap to use as medicine.


Happy New Year!