A reader responds to the ‘Change the World Anyone?‘ newsletter…

The question was:
In what way has my art changed your world?

Their Response:

Your art has always excited me!

…Over the years you have sculpted and built with many different media, drew with pencil, painted with water color and acrylic and mysterious media on every surface imaginable.
Created amazing computer animation, videos and artwork on the computer.

Your work is beautiful, talented, amazing, well thought out, professional, often imaginative, helpful, inspiring and uplifting.
I know you have shared many bits and pieces of yourself through your artwork.
It inspires me to keep up with my art too too.
Thank you Christine for sharing your talent with the world.
Don’t ever stop.


The above is a tiny sampling of photography, scratch art, watercolor, digital, acrylic, sculpture, rock, sketch, and body paint art I have created.

Now, I am going to talk about DABBLING.

Some people say it is not good for an artist to dabble.
That you should only do one medium for your whole life and only focus on that in order to be successful.

My web site and marketing plan IS primarily focusing on my acrylic painting and prints.
But, I can do just about everything else.

There is absolutely NO WAY that I could paint with acrylic paint as I do if I had never explored these other avenues.
My whole life would not be the same.
Not nearly as amazing as it has been.

From a MARKETING standpoint, you probably should not dabble.
Market one thing that you do.
If you have to do more than one thing, then, have separate web sites/locations.
But, depending on multiple factors, this is also not always true.

How about some of the greats (and my favorites) Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo?
They did everything.
They were writers, inventors, sculptors, painters, architects, business men, sketchers, and on and on.
Great at everything they did.
Every thing they did added to the other technique they used.

That is who I model my art and life after.

What are you dabbling with today?