The Chachapoyas were a mysterious people who lived in Peru before the Incas.

They are sometimes called The Warriors of the Clouds.

Here is more information about their culture on Wikipedia.

Chachapoyas Art - Christine Marsh - 2011


This art was made in honor of the Chachapoyas.

It was inspired from a piece of fabric believed to be made by the Chachapoyas.

In order to make this, I used a cloud photograph I took on a peaceful evening while visiting a lovely friend in Wayland, NY.

Then the being was created with rainbow pencil (below)


and superimposed the two in Adobe Photoshop.

A bit of the clouds shows through the body of the being.

This is atypical and abstract compared to my usual creations, but isn’t it fun to not see something about Christmas right now?

It was fun to create my version of the original ancient art.


What is your favorite holiday?

What is your favorite art from that holiday?

For example: Santa Claus, Pumpkins, Trees, Winter scenes,

turkeys, purple platypuses…