Write a 20-line poem where every line begins with the first letter of your first name.
The only rule is that it can’t be about you.

Crystals shine in the moonlight.
Come here and visit the lovely rainbow bubbles.

Can you see what I mean?
Cornerstone of beauty, she was.
Crinkling at the corners of her eyes.
Can”t stop laughing.

Careening in a whirling dance.
Camping in the warm night.
Call of the owl.


Can we find our way over the rainbow?
Career is going well.
Confidence comes for you from within the bark of the tree.
Can you look at it and see?

Curious about what lies next.
Communion with what you believe.
Connecting more than ever before.
Currency is always appreciated.

Conscious of what is happening around you.
Charismatic beings speak words of light.
Clarity helps us to communicate.